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Shop local and support our schools and community

The Libertyville Mile of Cars 

     - An association of Libertyville, IL automobile dealerships

Buying a new car has never been easier when you visit a dealership on Libertyville’s Mile of Cars.  Located in beautiful Libertyville, a northern suburb of Chicago, the Libertyville Mile of Cars is conveniently located just minutes off of I-94.  With 17 new vehicle brands, as well as a great selection of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, vans and SUVs at our 12 highly rated dealerships we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here. You'll enjoy the convenience of shopping at multiple dealerships, moments away from each other. Plus you can make a day of it, after making your purchase, celebrate by enjoying the historic downtown Libertyville and wonderful area restaurants and shops. Buying a car has never been a more enjoyable experience.


The commerce generated by the Libertyville Mile of Cars dealerships are crucial to the economy of Libertyville.  Each of the dealerships generate a sizable amount of sales tax, employment, connections to other local business, and ongoing support of community events and organizations.

12 Dealerships
17 Brands
1 Mile of Cars 
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